Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anna Ruth's playday

Anna Ruth is enoying rolling, kicking, and giving sweet "love punches" today as her momma is having to be way more still than normal. I don't like to do anything half-way and that evidently includes being sick as well. I have strep throat and a sinus infection..and was sent home by the dr. today to rest. Brett was feeling bad for several days as he went in and got a sinus cocktail shot. We are a sad looking pair today, but "this too shall pass".

Refresher of material/color scheme for baby girl's room...
and.......Anna Ruth's nursery rug!!!!! Remember how I made everyone vote on the 123489238 rugs I posted on the blog? Well, I ended up not going with any of them. :) I got this one instead and love it! We spoke with the builder today and should move in starting tomorrow. Prayers please for quick recoveries for Brett and this is Benchmark testing week at school and certainly NOT an ideal time to be missing work!


RC said...

Love the rug! It is so cheerful. You and Brett take good care of each other. Love, Momma

McCraine Family said...

I'm so glad you chose that's so cute!! Exciting day today, hopefully?! Love you!