Friday, June 4, 2010

I made a new recipe this week! These are called "Greek Wraps" and had all kinds of yummy things inside! (Greek yogurt, cucumber, onion, black olive, lettuce, parsley, mint, salt, fresh jalapeno)
They also had chicken inside as well (this is the filling)
I just love Greek yogurt! Can't beat the fat content either :).
I'm wishing it wasn't so expensive..
Well, one more day of school to go! I am teaching summer school this summer and am excited about it! Another girl and I will have 30 kids total and will be teaching for the month of June.
The good part? It's going to be a very hands-on, activities and inquiry based summer school! We'll be reading and writing daily, as well as doing lots of fun things focusing on three themes:
Water/Grossology (science and our bodies)
We'll also be going on field trips and will be traveling to: Terra Studios, Botanical Garden, Fishing, Tropical Smoothie, U.S. Pizza, Hobbs State Park
Brett and I are going on vacation in July to St. John Island as well! Busy, busy summer!

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