Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just me, happy as a lark in my classroom :). One of my boys took this for me today. School is going great so far! I have been on a kick to stay healthy this year so I've been drinking water, drinking one "EmergenC" packet a day, getting enough sleep, washing my hands, exercising, and eating pretty healthy.......seems to be working so far!
My kids are a great group-VERY talkative and excited and full of life and ideas.
I am starting to remember why I look forward to the weekends so much though :). The kids wear me out and keep me on my toes. :)
more soon, Brett and I are sharing a computer this week so I haven't been on here a whole lot. Grandma, your zuccini bread was delicious!!

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Lil-pie said...

This is a Beautiful picture of you!