Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Caught by Brett:
One fish
One tree frog
and one fence post in the nose

we had a very eventful weekend! Brett caught this fish while the boat was trolling (sp?) and got hit in the nose Sunday with a fence post. I don't think it's broken, and he doesn't have any black eyes...just a swollen nose. You know you're married to a country man when he comes home with a bloody shirt and a tree frog. :) :)
Isn't the frog neat?

My favorite is the picture where the frog's legs are all stretched out.......just hangin' on.

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Lil-pie said...

I LOVE the frog!
Congratulations Brett on your catches of the day!
it's kinda like he went Frog Fishen.... hahhaa
Sorry i think some things I say are funny.
If any of my comments are affending to you tell me please.