Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a few pictures of the progress happening in my classroom! (If you have the time click on the pics to make them a bit more visible) The first picture at the top is the top part of my loft. Also, I will have curtains covering the shelves under the counter soon too (thanks to momma) A HUGE thanks again to momma and daddy for coming and helping me today.....whew, what a help they were! It also made my day because Brett came on his lunch hour to see my classroom. :) The excited face in the photos above is because I finally found a rug I liked at Big Lots today. :) Cleaning house, Branson, and a friend's wedding this weekend. Be back soon!


McCraine Family said...

I love the rug, and that green lamp is really cool! Everything looks so good!! Love you!

Lil-pie said...

You did a GREAT job on your classroom!
I love the reading bunk ( what I call it)!
The lanterns are really cool too.
Especially the butterflies!
You're oh so very creative!