Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Uncle Brett" and I had the sweetest conversations with Kyla last night. :) He talked to her for several minutes and evidently she was telling him about having pizza for dinner, yogurt for a bed-time snack, and oatmeal for breakfast. I asked him if she informed him that pizza was a "sometimes food" and he smiled and said yes :).
Bits and pieces from my conversation with her went something like this:
Aunt S. "I miss you so much Kyla!"
Ky "Well I could come visit you at your house."

Ky "I'm going to be a mommy when I get bigger."
Aunt. S "What will you name your kids?"
Ky "I don't know. I'll tell you when I get older."

I sure do absolutely love my niece and nephews. I get to see them all today and I cannot wait! I even heard a rumor they'll all be in overalls......
Lately, I have had to rack my brain for creativity for my Puppets and Poetry Club, Breakout bible study at church, and for school. However, my mind has been filled with other craft ideas that have nothing to do with those three. (hence, the "Family is forever" pic at the I didn't make it ) :) Brett took me to Hobby Lobby to browse last night....
I summed myself up last week to Brett by saying unfortnuately, lately I would much rather be cutting, gluing, painting and crafting than household chores. :) All of that to say-get out and do something creative this week!
I started a new book series, The Katie Parker Production series, and the author is from Arkansas (sam and Becca's church! ) She teaches in Bentonville too...I e-mailed her to tell her I liked her books and she wrote back! How cool is that?!
partaaaaaaaay this afternoon :) Can't wait!

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