Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is a gourmet snack in the eyes of my husband. American cheese melted on tortilla chips. Yumm....... ?
This picture is a thank-you for Grandma! This pan had potatoes and onions stuck to the bottom pretty bad. Grandma said to put some baking soda on it and then add a bit of water (enough to cover the burned part), and then boil it for a second. I did that, and the burned stuff came right off! :)

Dinner a few nights ago. This is proof that I really do cook for Brett :)
Post #57! My favorite number. :)
The weekend is almost here and I am looking forward to hanging out with my momma, relaxing with Brett, and getting caught up on cleaning/grocery shopping/sleep :).
Thanksgiving Variety Show coming soon! Prepare now! :)

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Veronica said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Glad to see you & Brett are loving life, American cheese nachos & all :)

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