Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Post #50! Hooray! :)
I signed up to teach an after-school club at school today. It will run twice a week, for an hour and a half each time..........for about 5 or 6 weeks. The name of my club is.................

Puppets and Poetry

I am really excited about this! I will have 15 first and second-graders and we are going to read poems already written, as well as write our own. We're also going to make various types of puppets (such as hand, sock, marionette, paper mache,etc.). We will sometimes make puppets for poems already written. We will also write and design our own poems and puppets...
Can everyone please save cereal boxes? (or boxes of similiar size?) I found a great idea on how to make a mini puppet stage with this type of box.
I also joined a Thursday night bookclub's being facilitated by some girls from the Link and should work out perfectly! I love to read....and I love having fellowship with other girls. Plus Brett has a study group on Thursday nights for a couple of hours......we may even be able to ride together to book club and study group. Our first book we'll be reading is called the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.
Talk to you all soon! Love. p.s.-If you would like the e-mails with the links about poems and puppetry I will be using let me know!


Becca said...

I just put a cereal box in the recycling today..I'll see if it's salvagable (sp?) anyway, I'll get it out if it's not squished flat....ironic that you're doing puppets, I was just getting ready to rig something across under Kyla's bed for a puppet stage, she saw a Christian Kid's show at the Frisco Festival, and then played w/the puppets at Borders FOREVER Monday.....can't wait to see the neat puppets you make :) Love you, Becca

Will said...

C. S. Lewis has been my favorite author for 120 years or more!! Seriously, he is my favorite, has been most of my adult life. I have all of his books, including some compilations put in to book form from articles, etc. Hope you like him! Papaw

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