Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apples from the farm I used to make apple crisp!
Such a beautiful sight! I always say that God could have left everything on earth a neutral shade...but He didn't! What a blessing that He decided to bless us with a little color.

My dear husband was fascinated by this little green snake today.
I was not!

This is a turtle Brett rescued from the road. I named him "Yertle". Yertle kept me company while I graded papers today (inside the house). He wouldn't eat the piece of chip Ed offered him though....... :)
So there are two important events you need to be aware of! The big event for October is the Fall Party which will take place at the old house on the farm in Goshen. It will be on October 4th and will start around 6:00. There will be food, games, and celebration!
The second big event is the 2nd Annual Variety Show which will take place at momma and daddy's house on Thanksgiving Day. This is your chance to shine! Come prepared with a dance, song, skit, etc. Costumes are optional, but you don't have to show up in your can change before the show. :)
I hope you're looking forward to these events as much as I am! In my humble opinion...there are far too many things in life not worth celebrating at I believe in finding the things that ARE worth celebrating...and life, family, and friends are some of those things! :)

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