Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excitement!!! We have a new nephew, Malachi! :) Congrats Cross Family.

House update! Mr. Duncan started on the second story, and on the stairs today. It looks great! There have been several decisions/small changes we've made or decided over the last few days and feel great about it all.
Tonight I made Food Network's "Lighten Up" version of fish and chips...plus my own tartar sauce. An easy, delicious meal! I didn't realize how fattening tartar sauce is out of the bottle. I made mine with no fat greek yogurt, sweet relish, lemon juice, and hot sauce and it tasted okay to me (and fantastic to Brett...which is normal lately) :)
Believe it or not, there has been more going on in our lives lately other than house updates and cooking :). A combination of busyness, blogger being inconsistent with loading, and exhaustion has kept the blog posts short. 4 more weeks 'till first trimester is over and then maybe things will look a little more normal around here. We'll see. :)

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