Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Hey Baby!" :)
This is a picture of me last night on the left (after eating, might I add), and first thing this morning (before eating anything) In the last week, I have really started to show. I am now 10 weeks along :).

House+progress+excitement=one word, HOORAY :)

It's "huntin' season" ya'll :) This is Brett, ready for his "camp out" with Daddy and Seth last night at the old house on the farm. The guys spent the night, cooked breakfast, and went hunting this morning. No luck with the deer, but sounds like they had a good time. And this is evidently what my daddy looks like at 4 a.m., picture courtest of Brett :)

Brett burned the pile from the bulldozer on our property today....and he and I worked on the fence behind our house. No worries-I didn't overdo it :). I was the trimmer gal :). Good workout!
This week I made Cooking Light's version of Loaded Baked Potato Soup-yum! :) I recommend going to to find some yummy, healthy recipes!
Another favorite of mine is for browsing, and finding yummy recipes as well, but not always healthy. This site is the most gorgeous and inspiring cooking site I've ever seen! It has rows and rows of food pictures (lots of baking!) and all you do is click on the picture and it takes you to the recipe (usually found on a blog). It's fun if you have time to look!


RC said...

Love,Love,Love the house! It's looking sooo good! Exciting times. Love, Momma

Hannah said...

Congrats on the baby! I didn't know you were pregnant. Hope you are feeling well. The house looks like it is coming along nicely. Fun times!

McCraine Family said...

I love the pictures of Baby T!!!