Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet Yertle.
Yertle is a fun-loving turtle, happy and colorful. Or so I thought.
I snagged Yertle from the farm to take into my classroom tomorrow (my kids earned a class pet and thought Yertle would do for now). Yertle escaped from the box in my car on the way into town, crawled under the passenger seat, and around in back....I had to pull over and box him up again! finally made it home with him and he peed all over and was hissing and scratching. I felt so mean. So, I set him free, hoping he doesn't get run over by a car in the parking lot. Good luck Yertle!
Brett and I met Jana, Seth, Caleb, and Lainey at Chick-fil-a Friday night and then Brett and I went to walk around the Pinnacle Mall. We had fun looking at Border's and Pottery Barn (our dream store) :)

A BIG thanks to Grandma and Papaw coming to my classroom Friday!! :) The kids were thrilled and Grandma and Papaw got to be teachers for a minute. :) There was a group of visitors from another school at Westwood, walking around learning more about our program. So Nandra (the assistant principal) asked me if I'd explain a bit of our IB units to the group, and answer a few questions, so Grandma and Papaw were left in the classroom with the kiddos for a few minutes by themselves. They were pros. :)

Peppers from Jana and Seth :)....a tired, but happy me, and good laughs at lunch today.
We stayed at the old house this weekend....and this was the view from our house site :)

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McCraine Family said...

The turtle story made me laugh! I like the pictures of Grandma and Papaw at your school! Love you!