Thursday, October 7, 2010

Better late than never! Blogger finally decided to work for me tonight-so the pictures are a bit late. These are some burp cloths I made for Malachi :)

Some of the women from Cave Springs had a nice baby shower for Malachi last weekend...

I got to go out to eat with Becca, Kyla, and Grandma and Papaw after the shower. We ate the new delicious burger from Red Robin and learned to play a new game Becca had in her purse. :) Kyla also recited her poem for us, and enjoyed lounging in the booth. What fun ! :)

3rd (or 4th maybe?) annual Torbett Fall Party was last weekend as well. It was so fun! We had decorations, food, family and friends, and beautiful weather!

Everyone was very kind and came to look at our house site :).

Brett helped me walk on the block at the back of our house so the view you see above is what we'll see from our dining room. (not the cow-that's just a funny pic because the cow is doing all it can to break into the feed!)

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Becca said...

The burp clothes turned out super cute :) Love all the pictures.... you don't carry games in your purse?? :) Love, Becca