Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet our new classmates! My students have been collecting numbers on a hundreds chart since the beginning of the school year...trying to get a bingo. They finally did! They voted and picked getting a class pet as their choice, so we now have two fish to add to our classroom! I can't wait to show the students tomorrow!

Weekend recap: I made cinnamon rolls on Sunday and they were super fast! Total time for prep work and baking time was 1 hour (or less). Yum!
Brett enjoyed some football :) Wouldn't be a fall weekend without the Razorbacks! :)
I did some quick fall decorating; changed out some artwork with polka dot scrapbook paper-easy, festive fix!
:) Still loving the tablerunner (or table cloth in our case) momma made me last year...looks great with some mini pumpkins!
Got to wear my FAVORITE shoes for the first time this season on Saturday!

So I talked to momma Saturday and she mentioned biscuits and gravy. Well, then that was all I could think of! I was wanting some realllly bad so Brett went by Curt's place Sunday after church and got me some :).

*House update* I think they poured our garage and front porch today! (That's what I heard through the grapevine)

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