Sunday, September 12, 2010

Having a ball :)

Last week I made a yummy salad for dinner, with a dressing on top made of diced cucumbers, greek yogurt, and some spices! Yum!!
I finished my firt Christmas present this weekend-this patchwork ball for Lainey. I have a few puckers here and there because this was quite challenging to sew. Overall, I think I did all-right :) and the ball is actually quite bouncy! :) (as Brett found out quickly)

Plus, I know a certain two-year old brother would love to show his little sister how to roll a ball. I know she's still little, but I figure she can at least look at it and maybe sometime before next Christmas learn to roll it a bit.


RC said...

yummy looking salad and very cute ball for little miss Lainey !

Hannah Reasoner said...

How very cute! I NEED this pattern! Can you email me please?

McCraine Family said...

I love the ball for Lainey!! 6 months will be the perfect age for her to start to be interested in it!! Thank you!!