Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday weekend! Brett surprised me yesterday with a very pretty purple scarf, and purple earrings for my birthday! :) (no worries-I won't wear this combination together-this is after work yesterday when I first received the present!)

We had a really fun date night last night! We picked up burgers from the T and T diner in Sonora, and then drove to the pond to sit on the tailgate and eat.

Brett decided to do a little tree-climbing while we were there.... :) Actually I was at the pond and didn't see Brett, and he had climbed right up into this tree! Here's a picture or two of his "birds eye view"

Yeah! Fishing was a success!! It was so relaxing and fun to go fishing with Brett! We can't wait 'till we can go more often when we live out there. We were having a fishing contest until Brett caught at least 6 or 7 and I only caught 3 (sorta).

Brett's a gentleman and still takes the fish off the hook for me because I'm still too girly or too chicken to do it myself :)

What beauty at the farm! Praise Jesus for the rain and cooler weather too.

More fun things to come this weekend! Eureka Springs today after Brett gets off work and birthday party tomorrow at the old house!

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