Friday, September 11, 2009

The paragraph in orange is one my students wrote today. :) I was so proud! (read the second picture first.)
I made the pin, never can tell if things I make are cute in other people's eyes or just mine. :) I know at least one person who appreciates my efforts-
my sweet student who received the doll this week :). She wrote in her journal she had a good day, "cause Mrs. Torbett made me a doll."


RC57-75 said...

the pin IS cute! I want one....Love, Momma

Lil-pie said...

That paragraph is WOW!
I can't even write that well and I'm in 6th grade. haha.
I love that it's soo desciptive, outgoing, and WOW!
You have always seem to have great students casue they have such a GREAT teacher!