Saturday, September 12, 2009

*UPDATE* read my momma's comment for more wisdom on felt crafts! :)
Hope you like the cheery update to the blog! :)

I learned about Skype at my workshop. Do ya'll skype? How cool would it be if I could see momma and daddy (and Jana and Becca too) everytime I wanted to "call" them on the internet?
If you don't know what Skype is you basically can make "calls" (free if you're calling Skype to Skype) and if you have a webcam you are seeing the person you're talking to. Very easy, free to sign up, free to use!

I'm going to (as I have the time) categorize my old posts with labels, so that you can click on the word "cooking" on the far right and be taken to any of my posts that mentioned cooking. The only category I have on the far right currently is "felt crafts" cause thats all I have time for.

Yesterday I was admitting to Brett that I want to buy felt, make crafts from felt, read about felt, touch felt, wear felt, etc.
Basically, for some reason, I'm just real excited about felt these days. :) Hobby Lobby has an excellent selection of various types of felt, by the way.
So you know I haven't lost my mind, a quick picture to explain:

Is that not just the cutest thing? You can go here:
for more food felt ideas, as well as other crafts! Happy felting :)


RC57-75 said...

The good thing about sewing or crafting with felt is that it isn't woven, so it doesn't ravel. Less work to do finishing seams!Love, Momma

Becca said...

never been on skype....I do have a webcam on my laptop though, and I'm sure Kyla would love to perform anytime you needed a laugh :) Cute pin. Love, Becca