Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo session with dear husband :)
He makes me laugh :)

oh, hello handsome.
Let's see how many pictures I can get with my bulletin board and sewing machine :)

New green, springy shirt. Brett helped me pick it out.
By the way, I went into B Sewin today and they gave me some pointers on my embroidery. I KNEW it didn't look quite right........ :) They looked at it and said it was a very "creative design"...and that they'd never seen anything quite like it. HA. That's code for "How in the world did the pattern end up lo0king like that?!"
Anyway, they were actually extremely helpful and gave me some pointers so that the bobbin thread doesn't show (the white thread) and so that the actual colored thread does show. I'll try it later and post pics!

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