Monday, March 2, 2009

Could it be?!
YEP_That would be my lovely sewing machine embroidering! :) I have tried several times to get this part of my fancy schmancy machine to work, always without much luck. However, one of my goals lately is to improve on things like this, and try to make progress (no matter how small). So...I kept trying and reading the manual and tonight embroidered something! I don't think I used the best thread or best color....but hey, something ended up on the material! Things can only go up from here :)
This weekend we ate at our first-date restaurant (and one of our all-time favorite restaurants), Hugos. It's a restaurant underground on the Fayetteville square. I even made Brett sit at our first date table :) HA :)
Another favorite: Rick's bakery (and no, we didn't finish all this)
More progress on my quilt:

More soon! :)

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RC57-75 said...

The quilt is looking great! Also congrats on the embroidery. I think they will help you at the store where you bought the machine if you have questions....Love, Momma

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