Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet gifts from a student of mine for Anna Ruth.
Seriously, how cute is Anna Ruth going to be in these tiny shoes?!
37 weeks....going on a walk with Brett.Beauty on the farm! Brett has worked extremely hard the last two nights getting our yard mowed and weed-eated....he also spread seed so that someday we'll have grass instead of a dirt yard in some places. (excuse the bulldozer)

:) This is how they deliver our amazon packages out here in the country. Made me smile.
I made the "Asian Lettuce Wraps" from Our Best tonight. Delicious!
I also made Apple Dumplings last weekend for breakfast.

This Friday is my last day of work as a teacher. I am retiring next year to be a stay at home mom....and will be off for the rest of this year. :) :) :) I have lots I'd like to do before Anna Ruth comes and would like to rest up for the labor too. A whole new chapter (book really) is about to start! And yes, for everyone that keeps asking......I am VERY excited and ready.


McCraine Family said...

I couldn't be happier about this post! I love the picture of you and Anna Ruth walking, the ADORABLE shoes, the Amazon package, all of it! :) Love you!

steph said...

OH how I love your house. Loved the pics from the last post and that you got to host Mother's Day lunch at your new place. Looks so cozy and homey and stylish. The pics of you and Anna Ruth all safe and snug in your belly are so precious. I love it allllll! So excited you are getting to stay home. Best gift EVER.