Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our mailbox unit in our neighborhood blew over this week. Oops. Good thing no one was standing there!
Saturday adventures at the farm!

Ant, hard at work :) after Brett cut open it's home (a big tree)


yay!! The creek was really moving again today and it was so much fun! I went on a bit of a walk (when I was supposed to be helping Brett move brush) and did a bit of a photo shoot. :)
Yes, I did help move brush after that-today was a good workout!

Happy to be at the farm-this was one of my favorite work days at the farm! The weather was p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Brett said his shoulder needed a little loosening, hence the WD40. this apparently doubles as deoderant as well. Who knew?!

a lady bug, about to take flight. SO neat!

"I am husband, hear me roar." (no, he wasn't really saying this, but I think he might as well have)

Neat little bugs, fast at work

I made pizza this week that was actually delicious! (first delicious pizza I've made in my life!) I used artichokes, green olives, cheese, garlic, and turkey pepperoni (way less fat, and actually very tasty!)
Can't wait for Easter to celebrate Jesus, and to have fun with my family!

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