Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, hello birds :)
I am making a bird mobile for Lainey's room and this is part of it so far. A HUGE thanks to Becca for helping me figure out how to sew these birds. :) They (with lots others) will eventually sit on branches and hang at various levels (if this is okay with Momma Mccraine, I haven't mentioned it to her yet :0

I think that you should go here:
and sign this petition! Jamie Oliver is doing a six series show called "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." The whole emphasis is on changing the way America eats, and especially changing the way children are raised to eat. I was blessed to live in a home where healthy food was always provided and treats were eaten in a balanced proportion. I was also blessed not to have to eat the unhealthy cafeteria food at school on a daily basis. This is not the case for a lot of kids now and food needs to change!
:) I feel very passionately about this!
You can watch Jamie's show online at as well

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RC said...

Wow, These birds are so neat. You can look at my fabrics if you want to see if I have any you can use. Love, Momma