Saturday, March 13, 2010

This week I made sweet potato fries..........I sliced some sweet potatoes and then put a bit of oil and "Tony C's" cajun seasoning on them-delicious and easy!
I also made the caesar salad dressing I've made several times and we had "Chicken caesar salad" one night this week for dinner. It was very good, and you can find the recipe on The name of the recipe is "Caesar Salad Supreme."
Yum! Today I made brownies for a housewarming party Jana and I are hosting for a friend of ours!
:) Papaw and I
Happy Birthday, sweet Nathan! :)
Today we celebrated Nathan's birthday with family. We had a great time!

Nathan wanted Becca to light the candles in his cupcake and wanted us to sing again, and again, and again........ :)

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