Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brett and I are getting closer to having our house plan drawn up. Just wondering..........any tips or suggestions from anyone on practical things that will make our house more enjoyable/organized? Anything you wish you had in your house, or anything you would change?

We already have the big idea of what we like and want (I was telling Daddy I'm more of the "pretty" planner, Brett, more of the "practical" planner.............but I think you need both) :)

Any suggestions would be great!

p.s.-prayers would be great too.........took a little trip to the dr. today because I am fighting a virus (fever, sore throat, achy body). Got the good 'ol "sinus cocktail" shot and am feeling some better, just very exhausted. Is it sad that I knew exactly what to do when the lady came in with the shot? She even commented on it and said "Wow, you knew exactly how to stand". HA

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