Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I love my husband. Forever. :)
Is this cool or what?! :)
Got it at the workshop today (and if you are rolling your eyes then you might just be "too cool for school")


Becca said...

Don't let Kyla see the apron, she'll want one :) She asked me tonight if tears is liquid in our body that doesn't want to become peep to get out :) Hope the workshop is fun.....Love you, Becca

Brett said...

Might have to check up on that "tears" thing Becca. Kyla's hypothesis is revolutionary, and needs to be followed up on.

Becca said...

Brett-she actually has it pretty well thought out, I left some of the details out for space/time, but she thinks maybe there's a tube that connects the little hole in your eye that you see through somehow for it to get out :)