Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My first quilt:
This quilt is called the Disappearing Nine Patch, and I have my sister (Becca) to thank for the idea! To make this quilt you sew together 9 5-inch squares.......(the first two pictures are showing the nine square blocks.....)You then cut the 9-square block in half, horizontally and vertically. Next, rotate the four blocks.Last, put all of the blocks together and you have your quilt! (almost, at least)
I call this quilt "The Happy Quilt" because Brett walked in last night and said "That quilt looks a spring quilt. It's a happy quilt." I'm thinking of putting a border of red around the blocks.....what does everyone think? (I've been looking at this so mch I can't tell if it's cute or not!)


McCraine Family said...

It's VERY cute! Great job!! I think a red border is a great idea!!

Becca said...

It looks great! I think red would be cute too.....