Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Chili Rubbed Pork with Avocado Salsa"
new recipe #2-This was delicious! I realllllly don't like frying things in the skillet (I can just hear my heart and arteries screaming "Noo!") but considering we only fry a couple of times a month, maybe, I figured it was ok. Great, great meal! We had this with refried beans on the side :).
Recipe Link: http://www.lifesambrosia.com/2010/02/chili-rubbed-pork-with-avocado-salsa-recipe.html


Becca said...

It looks yummy!! Using 1 Tablespoon of oil is NOT frying!!

Veronica said...

I agree with Becca - 1 tablespoon isn't frying! :) Looks great!