Monday, November 16, 2009

I finished a sewing project-HOORAY! This is my first book ever, to sew. It is a "Color" book. There are, once again, MANY things I know are visible to the eye that maybe aren't quite right about the book (orange is in fact, spelled with an "e", even though you can't see it on the page :) ), but right now I'm pleased as can be I finished this book! I'll make the next one better :) My apologies to Caleb, who gets to be the recipient of Aunt Sara's practice sewing. Don't worry, Nathan and Kyla, you're next! :)
p.s.-the pictures are actually out of order....they start with the back of the book, working their way down to the front.

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McCraine Family said...

I love it, and Caleb will too! Very cute and creative!