Sunday, May 3, 2009

Three more weeks of Breakout and then my kids and I have completed another year! Breakout is the small group discipleship group I do every other week during the school year. The children's pastor leads a small group, and I lead one as well. We both started year one of the program with our kids, and move up with them through the program each year.
I usually include object lessons, games, activities, and scavenger hunts in the lessons to make it more interesting, real, and fun for the kids.

Tonight we're learning about obeying God. Here's a scavenger hunt I put together to help teach the kids about obedience. The clues will be taped up around the church.....and there will be a treat at the end! The kids loooove this by the way......we've done one other scavenger hunt this year and they requested we do another one so thats why we're doing one tonight! I'll have to let you know how it goes-Enjoy! :)

Obeying God scavenger hunt:
Clue #1-To obey or not to obey?
This man did and everything turned out okay
This was no ordinary boat ride
with plenty of baa’s, honks, and moo’s inside

Go to a very refreshing place for your next clue.

Clue #2-Noah was the man who obeyed
and in God was not afraid
But there was another who didn’t listen
and inside the belly of a whale went a fishin’

Go to a place where garbage lives.

Clue #3-Swimmin’ inside a great whale
Jonah started to look a little pale
God had instructed him for a reason
He needed him to preach for a season

Go to a device that makes voices boom.

Clue #4-If in obedience we stay
Our hearts will not stray
God will lift us up high
Our blessing and favor will reach to the sky

Go to a very high, green, leafy place

Clue #5-When our blessings seem far away
Remember your obedience will pay
God is with you in the dark
Hold tight to His hand on the path you embark

Go to a place with very little or no light

Clue #6-Remember God’s commands are here to guide and protect
The cause-His love,
and our obedience the effect

Go to a place inside that you climb on

Clue #7-Obey your mom and dad
Elders, teachers too
Run for dear life from bad
Let good be all you do

Go back to our weekly Breakout hangout spot!

The Final Clue: Hooray, you’ve finished!
If you keep on obeying
“That’s my treasure” God will be saying
Dig in for a treat
and give a rest to your weary feet

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"CELEBRATED" said...

This is Fantastic!!! Great job Sara.

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